"Wake every day with a WINGED HEART and give thanks for another day of LOVING." (Khalil Gibran)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oh, drat! No New Year's Eve Kit

Sorry, everyone, but I won't have a Victorian New Year's Eve kit this year.

I would like to request prayers and good thoughts. I'm not doing well at all physically. In fact, I'm pretty darn sick and in so much pain. I'm also anemic and have no strength right now to sit at the computer. I have a bunch of tests coming up including a colonoscopy and EGD scheduled for the 3rd, and CT scans with contrast of my chest and abdomen, a chest x-ray, and bunches of blood work on the 7th, and my yearly heart work-up with echocardiogram, EKG, etc. on the 21st. What a way to start the new year. Boo hoo!

I saw a pain management doctor Thursday hoping to find an alternative way to control my pain meds other than narcotics. No such luck. I went to him taking one narcotic, now I'm taking two! It is going to take me a week or so to get used to this regimen. In the mean time, I'm quite woozy and even more dipsy than I usually am! LOL He explained it was absolutely imperative that we get my pain in control as it is most certainly affecting my diabetes and heart issues. He said the shakiness and quivering I have in my legs when I stand even long enough to brush my teeth is a direct result of the pain shutting my body down. I received quite a lecture about not taking enough pain meds and how it is putting my overall health in jeopardy.

I'm quite frightened about the results of the colonoscopy as I have had cancerous growths (polyps) removed in the past and just had part of my right kidney removed last March because of cancer. I'm having a lot of bleeding and have become anemic and my white blood cell count and other lab values are really off.

Please forgive me for not being able to make the new year's kit...I'll make it up to you on Valentine's Day. Thanks so much for your understanding and thanks in advance for your good thoughts and prayers. What ever comes, I know I'll get through but it helps me bunches to know that all of you are rooting for me.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I wish for all of you a blessed Christmas full of laughter, joy, peace and love. If you do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you all the same!

Please pray for all of those who are suffering, lonely or feeling lost during this holiday season. Reach out to someone with a kind word or deed. There are so many people who spend Christmas alone with no one to wish them "Merry Christmas." My heart hurts for them, especially those who live in my apartment building (for seniors and disabled). Remember the reason we are celebrating and the lessons Christ taught about kindness, forgiveness and tolerance. No matter what your religious preference is, these attributes are so needed in this time of violence and suffering in the world. I pray for peace for all.

Thank you for the kindness you have all shown to me, for your support, and prayers. You have all made a difference in my life this past year and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

As always, I wish you many blessings.

Merry Christmas, my friends!
Winged Heart

Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Stepmom's Famous!

This evening, I had Christmas with my stepmother, stepsister and brother-in-law. My gift from Eileen, my stepmother, was a complete shocker! She's a cover girl!!! Our local chapter of Meals on Wheels together with Season of Suppers (a pet food drive for pets in need) created a calendar with photographs of Meals on Wheels recipients and their pets. Eileen's picture appears on April's page and on the cover!! What a surprise and such a wonderful gift! She said it took her over 80 years but now she's famous! Here's the cover picture:

Here's info from the calendar:

"The Pet Food Drive was developed after discovering that many of MOWAA (Meals on Wheels) recipients who had pets were sharing their meals with their dog or cat because they couldn't afford to purchase pet food. All the proceeds from the calendar will go directly to local Meals on Wheels programs to develop or sustain pet food feeding programs."

All Banfield pet hospitals have been collecting donations and contributing to the Season of Suppers. They are selling the calendar on their website and PetSmart is selling the calendar in their stores nationwide. It's a great cause.

I'm so tickled for Eileen. She's so proud that she's a Cover Girl!!

Hope all of you are having a great holiday season. Make sure to check back next week for a Victorian New Year's kit!

Blessings to all of you and have a terrific weekend!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Victorian Christmas 2007

Hi everyone. Here is an add-on to last year's Victorian Christmas kit. I just couldn't seem to stop creating Christmas stuff this year! LOL Last year's kit, the Christmas Around the World kit, the Victorian Christmas Angel kit and this one are all created to work together. Here's the preview:

You can download it at Mediafire here.

I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a hug if you download it!

Holiday blessings to you and yours,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am SUCH a Dummy!!!

My Christmas kit from last year that I re-posted -- it is from 2006 NOT 1996! Oh my, oh my! I'm blaming it on all the medicine I take and the weather. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!! My, oh my do I feel like a stupid you know what. I even made the password 1996! If Patricia (from my creative team) hadn't mentioned it, I would have never known! She tried to convince me not to tell anyone that all of you would think I've been designing for 10 years but, nooooooooo, I had to confess! ROFLMBO All I can say, as you can see, is oh my, oh my!!!!! All over the web I've put links to the post saying "1996." Shaking head here and smiling a silly, stupid smile!!! :P


Happy Sunday to everyone!

Hope everyone is safe and warm. If you like football and are watching the Browns/Bills game, you know what the weather here in NE Ohio is like! Blizzard bowl! Go Brownies. Okay, so you didn't know I was a HUGE sports fan but now you do! LOL :P

One of my blog readers purchased my Angels kit and sent me a nice note with her payment. She included her blog address and I checked it out. She's got a bunch of great freebie stuff. Check her out and you won't be sorry!!! Here's the link:

Catt's Scrapps

I've been truly gratified by the response to the freebies I've posted this holiday season! Thanks so much to all of you who have taken the time to say "thanks" and to email me with wonderful and uplifting comments. It warms my heart!

I swore I wasn't going to make any more Christmas stuff but I just can't help myself!! In addition to the New Year's kit I'm working on for my Victorian Holiday series, I'm also working on an addition to last year's Christmas kit. I'm almost finished with it so come back in the next few days to pick it up! Tessie, I included some nativity scenes just for you! Well, maybe not JUST for you, but at your prompting!! LOL

Stay warm and safe!

Love 'ya all,

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Christmas Surprise - Please Read!

I belong to a Yahoo freebie group (not scrapbooking) called FreeBeesForMe. It's a great place to get freebies and samples -- no crap or have to do this or that offer to get something. Just links to real freebies and samples. Not long ago, the group owner, Melissa, started an offshoot group for FreeBeesForMe members called FreeBeesCafe so that we could chat and get to know each other better. It has just blossomed into the most wonderful place with even more wonderful people. We have had a lot of adoptions for Christmas and there is always someone who will offer a kind word of support or lift someone up in prayer. Melissa works really hard and there are always contests to win gift cards and other prizes.

There are a number of us members in NE Ohio, in fact there are several of us within an hour of each other. Well, today my door buzzer rang and on the intercom I hear one of the members, Leann, saying that she was here and had something for me. Now, mind you, I've never met her before. Her and her hubby brought me a huge bag full of presents. Everything from a scrapbooking book and paper, to a really cute snowman, candy, pens, address book, Christmas magnets, candles, stickers, and just so MUCH more! My did I have a hard time keeping myself together. I was so surprised -- no, SHOCKED -- that someone I didn't even know would do something so kind for me. She knew I did scrapbooking because I created layouts for three people as a prize for one of our daily contests. I'm just so very grateful, not just for the gifts but for their kindness and new-found friendship. God is good!

You know, I've always helped everyone I could and used to do a lot of charity work when I was able-bodied. It gave me so much pleasure to do so but I'm not sure I truly understood just what it meant to the recipients until I became disabled and could not work. Times are hard, my health struggles many, and I often become discouraged when the world seems full of rude, thoughtless and intolerant people. Today, Leann and Dave not only lifted my spirits considerably, but they also restored my faith in this world we all share.

If you do sampling and freebies yourself, why not check out FreeBeesForMe? Tell them I sent you. My screen name is "freebies4forme" but they know my real name also. You won't be sorry, I promise you.

I hope you all have many blessings this Christmas.


Christmas Around the World EXTENDED!

Because so many people in the USA are without power due to the ice and snow storms, Kimberly (Fishinmom) asked those of us who contributed to the kit if we wouldn't mind extending the deadline until December 24th. Of course I told her ABSOLUTELY no way!! Yeah right! LOL So, you have a little more time to get all your downloading done of this FAB kit!! Here's the link again if you haven't already visited.

Christmas Around the World

Keep those fingers flying!


NEW Victorian Christmas 2006 Brag Book Pages

Hi everyone. Hope you're having a great weekend. We're bracing for a big storm moving toward us. I feel so bad for those in the plains already affected by the ice storm with power outages, as well as those in New England who are digging out. The plain states are getting hit again with snow and now it's heading our way. At least we won't get it as bad as those in Oklahoma and elsewhere but they are calling for freezing rain followed by 4 to 10 inches of snow. Guess I'll be staying in and wrapping Christmas presents while I watch the white stuff come down. Then again, I'm also working on a Victorian New Year's kit so stay tuned!!!

Judy, aka Baby Doe, has created some brag book pages using by Victorian Christmas 2006 kit, and is sharing them with all of you!

You may download them here.

Please make sure you leave her some love when you download them. I know everyone is busy but the "thanks" have been slow in coming. I've had close to 5,000 downloads (counting each downloaded zip, not individual people), and not even 100 comments! Gee, if I didn't like doing this and sharing with all of you so much, it could make a gal feel less than appreciated!!! :)

Stay safe out there!

Winged Heart

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Special Gift From a Blog Reader & Thank You to All

Thanks to all of you who have left some sweet notes and thank you's on my posts and at 4Shared. I really appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to say thanks! Blessings to you in return.

I had one very special email and since this is truly a reflection of Christmas Around the World, I just have to share! One of my new blog readers, Rebecca-Rose, sent me this layout and note:

"Hallo. I found your Blog through your Contribution to the CATW Kit. I think your Art is wunderful! Love your Victorian Christmas...So I strolled over your Blog and read about your Health Problems - I dont know what to say - Thats why I thought I make a LO for you. Hope you enjoy it. Thats my way to tell you, that far away in Germany someone is thinking of you and sending you all the good Thoughts and Prayers. Bless You! Love Rebecca-Rose"

Rebecca-Rose, you are a very special person to take the time to make a layout for me and brighten my holiday! I love it and I am so very grateful! Fröhliche Weihnachten!

When I was searching on the web trying to find out how to say "Merry Christmas" in German, I found a site that has "Merry Christmas" is tons of languages!!! You can find it here.

Holiday blessings and hugs,

Monday, December 10, 2007

Need Your Prayers, Please.

Hi everyone. Hope you are all having fun downloading and haven't worn out your mouse yet!!! LOL

My loyal blog readers know of all my MANY health issues and I won't go into all of them here and bore you, but please keep me in your prayers the next few days. I have to go to the Cleveland Clinic on Wednesday to see a GI specialist. I've had recurrent colon polyps for years, some of them cancerous, as well as esophageal stricture and erosive esophagitis. I've been having symptoms recently and it's time for testing again, but this is just for the initial visit. I also have tests most of the day on Friday to follow-up on the kidney cancer and make sure it hasn't recurred or spread to my lungs (which is where it usually spreads to). This will be my nine month post-surgery check-up and I have to have a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast, a chest x-ray, and bunches of lab work done. I'll be glad when all of this is over and I know everything is okay (or not). I still haven't been fitted for the brace for my chest and upper abdomen. I feel the parts of my sternum moving around more frequently and it is driving me BATTY!!! Yikes...it makes me hurt just typing about it! LOL

Anyway, please keep me in your prayers and send good thoughts this way. I appreciate each and every one of them!

Hugs and blessings,

Download Issues

It appears that some people are having problems with downloading from 4Shared. There are no limits to the number of downloads per file, but the problem comes from many people trying to download the same file at the same time. Please be patient and try again later. For the Christmas Around the World files, it might help if some of you start at the bottom of the list and work your way to the top. I'm not sure it will, but it is worth a try.

By the way, I REFUSE to publish nasty comments regarding the downloads. I have had a couple stating they "wasted" their time because no one stated there was a limited amount of downloads. Puhleeze! Bah humbug to you and you know who you are!

To the rest of you, thanks for your patience and understanding that we have no control over the download sites.


Victorian Christmas Angels

Hi everyone. I hope you are having fun downloading all the parts of the fabulous "Christmas Around the World" kit!!! I know I am. There are certainly some truly talented designers out there!

Here's a kit I designed featuring Christmas Angels. These are the previews. Click on them for a closer look.

It is 180 mb and the cost is $4.00. If you would like to purchase it, please send payment through PayPal to wingedheartohio@gmail.com. If you would prefer to send a money order or pay with well-concealed cash (at your own risk), please contact me at the same email address for instructions. Please note that the links will not be available until I receive notification from PayPal that the transaction is complete. The links will then be sent to you within 24-48 hours.

I appreciate those of you who purchase the few kits I offer for sale. It is only by this means that I am able to purchase designer use goodies that definitely enhance the freebies I am able to create for all of you.

Holiday blessings to you and yours,
Winged Heart Ohio

Victorian Christmas 2006 Re-Release

I have re-released my Victorian Christmas freebie from last year! Here are the previews:

You can get it here. The password is "1996" without the quotes.

I understand there have been some problems with 4shared so I added download links to Mediafire. You can also download the kit here at Mediafire.

I hope you enjoy. Come back soon for a special treat from Judy on my creative team!

Peace and Blessings,
Winged Heart

Christmas Around the World is Here!!!

Merry Christmas and WELCOME to all my new visitors and to all of you who have visited before! It's time for the big event...Christmas Around the World.

Here are the previews of my contribution:

You can get them at 4shared here (password is hohoho) or at Mediafire here.

Here is the link to the web site where you can get all 79+ designers' contributions!

Christmas Around the World

Hope you enjoy. Please be patient if you have problems downloading...I'm sure all the sites will be quite busy for the next week!! All the links will be available through the web site until midnight, December 16th. Then it is up to each designer if they want to keep them active.

Please, make sure to leave the designers lots of love! It's only the polite thing to do to say a quick "thank you." This was quite an undertaking and it was organized by Kimberly, aka Fishinmom. It would be very nice if you go visit her and thank her personally!!

Holiday blessings,
Winged Heart

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanks, Rachell & Note to Everyone

Thanks for letting me know the link was not working. I had forgot to activate the file. Silly old me!! LOL It's fixed now.

I'm not sure why all of a sudden the last two images I've uploaded to Blogger were not getting larger when clicked on, but instead asked if you wanted to open or download them. I uploaded the images to Photobucket and replaced the others, but they still don't get as large as previously. I'm investigating it now and I'm off to PSP to see if I can get larger preview of the paper patterns in Wrinkled Wrap. Geesh!

Hope you're having a GREAT weekend! Stay safe.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Want to win my Victorian Christmas Angel Kit?

I'm having a contest! I will be offering my Victorian Christmas kit from last year again; however, I'm creating an additional kit featuring Victorian Christmas Angels that will be for sale. Want to win it??

A while back I did a challenge at DSO and created a layout about me. It wasn't easy because I usually don't scrap myself. I used Jeanne Baechtold's "Refreshing Meadow" kit. Here it is:

I was thinking that I'd like to get to know my blog visitors a little better so I'm having a contest to do just that. To enter, all you need to do is create a layout about yourself and submit it to me. I will ask my creative team (Patricia and Judy) to help me judge the entries. Here's the rules:

1. Use any designer you like, just make sure you credit the designers whose products you used.

2. Include information about yourself. This can be anything you feel you want to share: where you live, your career, your likes or dislikes, etc.

3. The layout should reflect what you consider your personal scrapbooking style to be.

4. Have your layout to me before December 15th.

That's it for the rules! The layouts will be judged on overall design and creativity. I'll post as many entries as I can on this blog -- I'm sure I won't get hundreds of them so I should be able to post most of them! LOL

I hope to get to know some of you better! Send you layout to me at wingedheartohio.blogspot.com. Can't wait to see them and good luck!

Winged Heart

Wrinkled Wrap Freebie Paper Pack

Well, I had a short burst of creativity and energy, so I made everyone a paper pack -- "Wrinkled Wrap." I called it that because the designs remind me so much of gift wrap and it's wrinkled! LOL I know, I know...so clever am I! ROFLMBO I hope you like it. Make sure you click on the preview so you can see the designs more clearly. Here's the preview:

You can download it here. The password is "wwpp."

Winged Heart

THANKS a bunch!

Hi all. Hope you're having a great weekend! It's 30 degrees and partially sunny here in NE Ohio right now, but we've got rain and snow on the way for tonight and all next week. Boo Hoo! I can't get out in my wheelchair in the snow and rain. Oh, woe is me! LOL

I want to thank everyone who purchased the add on to my Victorian Thanksgiving kit. Because of those purchases, I was able to take advantage of the 70% off sale at DSO for a few hours Black Friday morning. Even the designer stuff was on sale so I purchased some really cool stuff that I'm sure I'll use a lot while making freebies for all of you! Also, I want to thank those who took the time during this busy season to leave comments when downloading the freebie kit. You know, I promised myself I would not be a designer who "begged" for comments, but I was disappointed that I've had almost 600 downloads and less than 40 comments including here and 4-Shared. I guess that's why I appreciate those who did comment so much!!

All the best,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chelsea's Butterfly Kit is now in the store!

Here's the link for Chelsea's Butterfly Kit. It's now in the Moo Two store. Scroll down for previews of my contribution and on the right is a small slideshow showing everyone's previews. It is over 815 mb of goodies for just $10.00...and every penny goes to help Chelsea and her family.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Around the World Preview

Good Sunday to everyone! I finished my contribution to the Christmas Around the World freebie kit that will be available on December 10th. Here's my previews:

I can't wait to see what everyone else has made! Make sure you mark your calendars to come back on December 10th for the links to my downloads and the link to the website set up where you may get the contributions from everyone else. I should also have my Victorian Christmas freebie kit up then for those who didn't get it last year; as well as an add-on kit for sale.

Blessings as always,

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Freebie Quick Page & a Layout

Hi everyone. Hope you survived shopping!! The newest member of my Creative Team, Judy aka BabyDoe, has made a quick page using my Victorian Thanksgiving kit...and she's sharing it with all of you! Here's the preview:

You can get it here. The password is "thanks."

I spent Thanksgiving with my niece and her family. The kids were a riot! I think they'd eat anything if it had Cool Whip on it!! LOL Of course, I took pictures and I also made a layout using my kit. Here it is:

Check back tomorrow PM. I finished my contribution for the Christmas Around the World freebie kit and I'll post the previews. It won't be available until the 10th but you get a sneak peak of my part. Of course, I couldn't stop myself and made a complete kit -- a little over 100 mb! I think I have a disorder or something, maybe megaitis or something like that. Anyone heard of it???? ROFLMBO

Blessings, as always,
Winged Heart Ohio

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Victorian Thanksgiving...Finally!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am so very thankful for and appreciate all of you more than you could possibly know. You bless me every time you stop by and leave a hug or even just download something I've worked so hard to create. I may not be as proliferative as a lot of designers, but every pixel is made with love! You're the best!

I finally finished A Victorian Thanksgiving! I have a large (about 200 mb!) freebie kit for you, plus an add-on for sale. I hope you like them...I really think they are some of my best work, even if I say so myself! LOL When searching for the public domain images, I discovered that the people from the Victorian era sure had different sensibilites than we do now! So many of the images were of dead turkeys! Yuck. As much as I enjoy eating them, I sure don't want to see images of dead ones in my scrapbook!! LOL

Okay, enough with the chatter...down to business! Here's the freebie. It consists of 1 glass alpha complete with both upper and lower cases, numbers and punctuation; 2 chipboard alphas with upper and lower cases; 22 12x12" papers; 7 satin bows; 7 sets of four photo corners; 24 elements; 7 crochet flowers; 7 crochet ribbon frames; 7 crochet ribbons; 15 tags, some decorated and some plain; 7 tag hangers; and 4 word arts! Phew!!! Lots of goodies. Here's the previews (don't forget you may click on the pictures to get a larger view):

For those with dial-up connections, the links are here. The password is "gobble."

For those with high speed connections, the links are here.

I hope you enjoy! I would love to see what you do with them.

Now, here's the add-on that is for sale. It consists of 10 additional papers, 7 framed and decorated elements, 20 stamps, 2 word arts, and 3 upper case fancy alphas. It's about 80 mb. and costs just $3.00! I respectfully ask you to consider purchasing it. With the monies from the Fall-O the Dots kit, I was able to purchase some of the commercial use products that allowed me to make the Victorian Thanksgiving kits a little nicer; for example, the "crochet" items. The more I can purchase, the better your freebies will be!!!

Here's the previews:

You may purchase it by sending $3 to my PayPal address: wingedheartohio@gmail.com. Upon confirmation of payment from PayPal, I will send you the download links within 24-48 hours. Please remember if you pay through PayPal with an e-check, links will not be sent until payment has cleared. Also, please note in the comments section of the PayPal form which links you would like -- for high speed or dial-up. If not indicated, I will send the high speed links. If you would like to pay with a money order or well-concealed cash (at your risk), please email me and I will send you the address to send payment to.

I hope all of you have had a day full of blessings, time shared with friends and family, and, of course, full bellies!!! LOL

Blessings to each and every one of you,
Winged Heart

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Around the World

My, oh my, are you in for a treat!!!

Kimberly, aka Fishinmom, first decided she was going to do a huge Christmas freebie as a gift for her fans. Then she had a light bulb moment and decided to ask some of her designer friends to participate in making a freebie kit for everyone. THEN, after she had such a wonderful response, she decided to open it up for all designers -- newbie and experienced alike. Well, the result is that over 60 (yep, that's S I X T Y!!!) designers are participating to create the granddaddy of all freebie kits. Of course, I couldn't resist joining in!!!

Can you just imagine how wonderful this is going to be -- designers from all over the globe getting together to give such a fantastic Christmas gift to anyone and everyone who wants it? Each designer will post their contribution on their blog and/or web site, but a special web page is being created to host all the links in one place. The web site will go live on December 10th so limber up those wrists and get a really soft cushion to sit on because you will have lots of downloading to do!!! LOL This is going to be a monumentous freebie kit!!!

Thanks, Kimberly, for starting this wonderful undertaking. I'm proud to say I will be a part of it. It is so heart-warming to me to see all these different women from all parts of the world get together for such a project. Now, if we could get all the world leaders to get together to work on world peace in such a kind and giving manner, maybe the world would be a better place for all of us to live in!!! But, that's a different story..... LOL

Many blessings to all of you!!


Message to Baby Doe

Hi BabyDoe! First of all, let me thank you for the lovely comment you left on my last post regarding my Victorian Christmas Freebie Kit. It cheered me up on a day when I really needed the encouragement. I appreciate your loyalty and confidence in me more than words in a blog post could ever convey.

Would you please email me at wingedheartohio@gmail.com? I have a question for you.

Winged Heart

Friday, November 16, 2007

Problems with 4Shared

Happy Friday to everyone! I have been receiving emails regarding problems downloading the Fall-O the Dots sampler kit from 4Shared. I'm not sure what the deal is as it seems some of you are able to download it without problems, but I have uploaded the sampler to Mediafire for those who couldn't get it from 4Shared.

Mediafire link

My Victorian Thanksgiving kit is coming along quite nicely (even if I say so myself!!! LOL). Hopefully, I'll have it ready for you in the next few days. For those who didn't get the Victorian Christmas kit last year, I will be re-releasing it in a couple weeks. I'm also going to create an add-on kit that will be for sale, but stay tuned to find out how you could win it!!

Have a good weekend and play safe!

Winged Heart

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chelsea's Butterfly

As I announced a little while ago, I'm contributing to a kit to benefit Chelsea and her family. Chelsea has Down Syndrome and leukemia. The kit is being coordinated at Moo Two Designs. You just won't believe the fantastic contributions that are being made for this kit. They really put mine to shame but I made every pixel with love! It is going to be a truly huge kit and will be available before the end of the month. I'll post here when it is up for sale and I think you'll definitely want to check it out! Here's the previews of my contribution:

As always, you can click on the pictures to see larger views. I'm not sure how well it will show up here, but I love the canvas texture of the "plain" papers. It's a Super Blade Pro preset and is the most realistic canvas textures I've come across. Since I made this kit, a light blue color has been added to the color scheme so it won't be just a "girly" kit.

It's a great cause and I'm just honored to be included!

Winged Heart

Victorian Thanksgiving Teaser

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!! Here's a little teaser for the upcoming Victorian Thanksgiving kit that I'm busy working on:

Firstly, here are the colors:

This is one of the papers:

And here's one of the elements:

Hope that you will enjoy this kit as much as I am enjoying working on it. Check back toward the end of next week, I hope to have it done by then!

Many blessings to all of you!

Fall-O the Dots Link Question & Thank Yous

Hi everyone. I want to thank all of who left such sweet comments here and at 4Shared about Fall-O the Dots. And, also, special thanks to those of you who purchased the full kit. Your support means the world to me. Because of it, I was able to purchase a couple new commercial use items including some great overlays -- two of which I'm using in the upcoming Victorian Thanksgiving kit!

I received a comment regarding the link for the Fall-O the Dots sampler. It was left by "anonymous" so I couldn't respond personally. It appears to be working fine...I had a friend check it out as well and both of us were able to download it with the password of "dotty." If you still are having problems, please let me know and I will try to send it to you another way!

As always, I'm sending hugs and good thoughts to all of you!

Winged Heart

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall-O the Dots Arrives!

Anyone found my mind???? I know I've lost it somewhere!!! LOL If I ever start to create a kit this big again, I hope someone slaps some sense into me!!!! Almost 300 mb of stuff!

In all seriousness, I hope this is the largest kit I will every create. I just couldn't stop. It's like three kits in one. First, here's the previews (eight of them!!!) of the entire kit which is for sale at an extremely fair price of $5.00!!

All images are created by me from scratch or from my photography. I worked really hard making this huge kit and I respectfully ask that you consider purchasing it. $5.00 is a great price for a kit this size.

To purchase through Paypal, send $5.00 using the email address wingedheartohio@gmail.com. Within 24-48 hours of receiving confirmation of your purchase, I will send you the download links. Please note: If you pay with an e-check, your payment will have to clear your bank before PayPal sends me notice of a completed payment and I send you the links. In the comment section of your payment form, please include the email address you want the links sent to, as well as whether you prefer links for a dial-up or high speed connection.

To purchase with a money order or well-concealed cash, please email me at wingedheartohio@gmail.com for instructions.

Now, on to the freebie.

I have created a sampler kit for you. It includes 4 papers, 2 borders, 3 bows, 3 brads, 3 embellished paper clips, 1 frame, 2 tags, 2 ribbons, and 3 elements. Here's the preview:

You can download it here. The password is "dotty." Please note that these same files are also included in the Mega Kit, so if you are purchasing it there would be no need to download the Sampler Kit.

I hope you enjoy the sampler and after viewing it, you find the whole kit irresistable!!!

Thanks everyone for your support. Now, I'm off to work on my contribution to the charity kit and your Victorian Thanksgiving Freebie kit.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

So sorry...

I'm still struggling health-wise and feel really crappy today, but I've finished the previews to Fall-O the Dots and now am doing the uploading. I'm hopeful the kit and freebie sampler kit will be up tomorrow (Friday). Don't give up on me!!! Please pray for me and send me good thoughts and vibes.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Having a bad pain week...

I just wanted to stop in and apologize for not having my next kit and freebie up yet. I've had a really bad pain week and have spent a great deal of time in bed. I promise it will be up tomorrow after I do the previews. Stay tuned and thanks for being patient!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Charity Kit for Chelsea

I am participating in a charity kit for a little girl, Chelsea, who has Down Syndrome and has been diagnosed with leukemia. This is her picture...isn't she just too cute!?! Jeanette at Moo Two Designs is organizing it. Here is what she says:

"Hello everyone!!! So here is the situation:

You may or may not know that I am a contributing author to a book about life as a mother of a child with Down Syndrome. It is a collection of stories from over 50 Moms, and it is a really amazing book!

Anyways, one of the little girls that is featured in the book is one and a half year old Chelsea! This sweet little girl has just been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia! For those who don't know, this requires many, many chemotherapy treatments and an extremely long stay in the hospital. Chelsea has been in treatment for about a month now, and is such a trooper!!

As you can well imagine, this experience is a very expensive one, both emotionally and financially for the family. Chelsea has an older brother that she can rarely see for fear of Chelsea catching a virus, because she has no immune system due to the chemo. Her mother Cary has been staying with Chelsea most of the time, occasionally getting some sleep at the local Ronald McDonald House.

What I would like to do is create a beautiful collaboration kit and send the proceeds directly to the family. My thought is that it could at least help with meals, transportation, what have you.

I am so excited to have to opportuntiy to help this family. Us Moms that contributed to the book (which is called Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives) are quite close, so this is hitting quite close to home, especially since children with Down Syndrome are prone to developing Leukemia. I know that if Carter were ever sick like this that I would appreciate any and all help, so lets help this family!!!

Who's with me??"

I'm very pleased to have the opportunity to help this family, even if in a small way. If you design and would like to participate, check out the forum at Moo Two. I'll let the rest of you know when the kit is available...probably toward the end of November. I'm sure it is going to be a great kit and it will be a very worthwhile purchase!


Dottie's Layout & Message for Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear, I sent you my email address and added a note here (to the right) giving it. I really appreciate your mentioning you couldn't find it since it wasn't there!! LOL I haven't yet received your page, but would LOVE to see it!!!

Here's a layout another of my blog visitors, Dottie, made using the Victorian Halloween kit:

She says:
"This dog belonged to a pumpkin vendor at a herb festival I attended last weekend. Cute huh? Thank you for the kit".

Thank YOU, Dottie, for sharing your very cute layout!!! It is very sweet of you.

Check back tomorrow everyone, I'm pretty sure the new freebie mini kit and the kit for sale will be up!!! It's turned into quite the mega kit. I would sincerely appreciate it if you would consider purchasing it and hope you'll like the freebie kit. It's not Victorian, but I am very happy with the way it has turned out...and feel it's is a bit different than most fall kits, IMHO! Next will be the Victorian Thanksgiving freebie kit! Stay tuned...


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Passing it on!

I'm passing along my "Nice Matters Award" to three of my favorite designers. Not only are their designs great, but they are sweet people, as well.

First, to Kim B. who has always had a kind word for me and whose blog ALWAYS makes me laugh. If it's true that laughter helps us heal, she's doing more for me than all the doctors I see!!! LOL! You (and your designs) are simply the best, Kim!!

Secondly, to Bunny Cates. She also has been very kind to me. When it came to her attention that my hard drive crashed and burned, she was so sweet and sent me a coupon to download a couple kits from her store -- FREE, mind you. It so helped me to know that someone not only understood the difficulty of the situation, but cared enough to help me through it! Thanks again, Bunny!

Thirdly, to Karla at Lifesong Kreations. Karla, your faith inspires me every time I visit your blog and you do wonderful work. No matter what someone's religious preference is, they are sure to be inspired by your beautiful work and dedication. Blessings to you.

Here's your award ladies!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Victorian Halloween Layouts

Here's a couple beautiful layouts Patricia did using my Victorian Halloween kit. Great job, girlfriend! That's her in the middle picture!

I'd love to also see what some of you are doing with my kits! Send them to me and I'll post at least some of them here on my blog!!

Check back in the next day or two; I should be finished with "Fall-O the Dots" by then. There will be a matching mini kit freebie!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wowza!! My first award...EVER!!!!

What a wonderful surprise I have had. Fishinmom has been so gracious as to present me with my very first scrapbooking award!! It's the "Nice Matters" Awards. Here's what she wrote on her blog:

This award is being given to Sally of Winged Heart Ohio. Despite all she is going through she still finds the time to create beautiful kits and share absolutely stunning freebies! If you take a moment to read her blog you'll know instantly that she has a heart of gold. Now that's my kind of woman! By the way if you haven't been to her blog recently or may have never been there - she has this totally awesome, huge Victorian Halloween kit and she's giving it away for free!! So you better run on over and grab it before she comes to her senses!! LOL! Don't forget to leave some love for all her hard work if you grab it!! Here's your award Sally!! You truly deserve it!!

(Blushing going on here!!)

She says she found the award on the Bella Enchanted Blog where it states that the intentions for the "Nice Matters Award" is as follows: "This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

(More blushing happening now!!)

I'm so very honored! Your wonderful comments about my freebies makes me want to keep learning and to create even more. They mean so much coming from someone whose designs I truly admire (and lust after!). I'm just a newbie at this designing thing and I truly appreciate the honor.

Now, I'm off to think of those bloggers I want to pass the award along to!

Blessings to you all, and a special blessing to you, Fishinmom!!!!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Survey and "Thanks!"

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my health situation and the struggles I am having. They mean a lot to me. As always, I really appreciate the feedback I am receiving on my "Beloved" Paper Pack. Reading the comments at 4Shared, I noticed a lot of you mentioned it was the first time you visited my blog. I want to offer all of you an extra-special "welcome," and I'm happy you found me!

One of my readers asked if I ever re-create the elements to "Beloved," would I please let her know as she would purchase them. This got me thinking. As mentioned in a previous post, I would like to start selling a few items to help with my expenses. Medicare pays only a portion of medical expenses, and Social Security disability definitely only provides for the bare minimum. Also, there are classes I would like to take to help me become a better designer, commercial use products I could purchase, etc.

I created a survey which can be found to the right. With the understanding that I will ALWAYS have freebies and that my items for purchase would always be at a very reasonable cost, would you please take the time to respond and let me know what you prefer. You may pick as many options as you would like. If you have comments and/or would like a different combination I did not think of, please respond to this post.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration,

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lighter things and a freebie!

Okay, I've dried the tears for awhile and now on to less serious things! First and foremost, I want to thank all of you -- each and every one -- for taking the time to leave me comments here and at 4Shared regarding the Victorian Halloween kit. I read every one (sometimes more than once, I'm almost embarassed to say!) and not only do they mean a great deal to me, but they inspire me to keep creating!!!

I am not only working on a Victorian Thanksgiving freebie kit, but also a fall kit that is not Victorian and will be for sale. There are lots of dots, leaves, and other fall goodies! It's called "Fall-O the Dots" and here's a preview of the colors, a paper, and an element (as always, click on the pictures for a better view):

Now, for the freebie: I was working on a kit called "Beloved", which I really liked, when my hard drive hit the floor and took everything on it with it, including most of the new kit. However, I had uploaded a couple papers to share as previews and I added several more to create this paper pack for you. I just don't have the heart to start the kit over so it will just be the papers. I hope you can find use for them.

Here's the preview:

Download it here. The password is roses4u.

Have a great weekend and keep those prayers coming!