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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Passing it on!

I'm passing along my "Nice Matters Award" to three of my favorite designers. Not only are their designs great, but they are sweet people, as well.

First, to Kim B. who has always had a kind word for me and whose blog ALWAYS makes me laugh. If it's true that laughter helps us heal, she's doing more for me than all the doctors I see!!! LOL! You (and your designs) are simply the best, Kim!!

Secondly, to Bunny Cates. She also has been very kind to me. When it came to her attention that my hard drive crashed and burned, she was so sweet and sent me a coupon to download a couple kits from her store -- FREE, mind you. It so helped me to know that someone not only understood the difficulty of the situation, but cared enough to help me through it! Thanks again, Bunny!

Thirdly, to Karla at Lifesong Kreations. Karla, your faith inspires me every time I visit your blog and you do wonderful work. No matter what someone's religious preference is, they are sure to be inspired by your beautiful work and dedication. Blessings to you.

Here's your award ladies!!


KimB said...

Oh my Goodness Sally- Thank you soo soo much for your kind words!, it's tooo much honestly! and sitting here with my bleary tired eyes this morning drinking my first cup of coffee and then reading this is such a wonderful way to 'wake' up to the day! You more than deserved your award!!! Wow-I'm really grateful to you.
Sending hugs

Pooh Bear said...

Wonderful.. so sweet that you are awarding "nice matters awards"

I wanted to send you my layout with the halloween kit, but I don't know how. I've come across this before, I just don't know what to look for I guess. I'm looking for an email address... help so that I can let you see what a wonderful layout I did with your halloween kit and my baby.
mypoohbear@gmail .com

Karla-Lifesong said...

I give joyful thanks to the Lord for you!! This was so sweet and a wonderful surprise. I am delighted that the Lord has used me to inspire you and you must know that you have given me such inspiration too. May God keep giving you creativity and use you in your everyday life!!
LUV Karla.

Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

could you be any sweeter!
thank you for my award!!