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Friday, September 18, 2015

Update, Kit Preview and a Re-Shared Freebie!

First, the update:  My music kit has been slow-going because I'm sick.  I was hoping I was just having my usual flare of colitis, but nooooooo, I have a virus of some kind and I'm miserable.  Nausea, trouble eating, bathroom issues...you get the idea.  Because my health is poor anyway, when I get something like this it really takes a toll on me and knocks me for a loop.  On top of the GI issues, I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection because I'm having headaches, a lot of pressure in the sinus areas of my face, and I'm dizzy, which is usually a good sign that a sinus issue is affecting my equilibrium.  I'm also running a low grade fever.  Even my eyes hurt, which makes the detailed work difficult. Boo Hoo for me!  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Now, the preview:   I'm so sorry that the music kit is going to be later than I'd like.  I have, however, restructured this first kit.  Instead of it being focused on classical music, I've decided to make it the general base kit and have classical be the first add-on theme. This first kit is going to be a huge one!  LOL  I've got a good start on it...most of the papers are done (I'm up to 56) and a good bit of the usual elements like frames and bows, etc., are also finished.  I'm now working on most of the images that need extracted and/or need more intensive work.  I've chosen a broad color palette, take a peek:

Here's a few previews:

There's a whole set, in varied colors, like the latter element that explains what musical terms mean.  Well, I hope this will keep you excited for the upcoming "Music of My Life" kit!  It won't be too long in coming; I promise you I'll work hard to make it happen as soon as possible.

And, lastly, the freebie!  Today, I'm re-sharing my Victorian Halloween freebie kit with all of you.  I think it turned out pretty darned good way back in 2007, if I say so myself! LOL  Hopefully, you'll agree.

Here's the previews:

Here's a couple layouts Patti from The Flight Crew made at the time.  That's here in the middle picture of the first layout.

And, here are the links:

Hope you enjoy this kit and I would REALLY love to see what you create with it.  

Blessings, as always,

Friday, September 11, 2015


...a layout from one of my blog readers.  Finally someone shared with me what they created from one of my kits!  I'm so pleased.  Thank you, Martha, for sending me your layout and for using my Fall-O the Dots freebie kit (see below to grab it).  I just LOVE the picture...it's so much fun!  If anyone else would like to see their layout posted on my blog, you first have to send it to me!!!  LOL

Here's Martha's layout:

Hope everyone has a great weekend and send me those layouts!


Just Remembering...

...where I was on September the 11th, 2001.  What a horrible day it was.  I was on vacation and was at Chicago's Midway airport awaiting my flight to Cleveland, OH, to visit my family.  When the news first broke into the TV we were all watching while waiting, many of us thought they were talking about the first bombing at the tower a few years earlier.  It became apparent fairly quickly that wasn't the case.  Just before the second plane hit, they came over the PA system and announced all flights were being delayed. Then, BAM, the second plane hit in front of our eyes and we sat there horrified.  Soon after, the airport became a hub for grounded flights and a lot of people filed in through the gate where we were.  Several of the flight attendants and even a pilot or two were in tears as they knew employees who were on the two planes that crashed into the towers. It wasn't very long until the announcement was made that all flights were cancelled and we had to immediately evacuate the airport and couldn't reclaim our luggage at that time as it was urgent we just leave.

There was pandemonium that ensued after that.  I had to take the train from the airport into downtown in order to get a different train to my apartment.  They were evacuating downtown Chicago and it was hard to even get on the train as it was packed.  Then, every time an airplane went overhead, everyone held their breath until it passed and there were no explosions or anything like that.  Many airplanes were being diverted to Chicago to land and it felt like a scene from a horror movie...just waiting for the crash to happen.  I have to commend the transit system as they decided to forgo fees and were not charging anyone to board.  Of course, many people were panicking and the atmosphere was palpably thick with fear.  I couldn't wait to get home.

After getting home, I was glued to the TV screen.  Watching the towers crumble and knowing how many people lost their lives during the original crashes and now the collapse of the buildings, just shook me to the core.  Then the news about the Pentagon crash and the crash in Pennsylvania compounded the fear and terror.  I knew my family would be afraid for me, especially when it hit the news that one of the terror flights left out of Cleveland and that's where I was flying into.  I tried to call repeatedly but it took a good while to get through to let them know I was safe.  I kept get getting that "all circuits are busy" message.  I still wanted to get home to Ohio, but it took several days for that to happen.  Southwestern airlines refunded our fares in TWO days.  I couldn't believe how wonderful and efficient they were being under the circumstances.   I couldn't rent a car as there were none to be had, nor could I get a ticket on Amtrak.  It was because of everyone landing in Chicago and so many people needing to get home.  Three days later, I finally was able to get on a Greyhound bus and took the journey to Ohio.  

I will NEVER forget where I was that day and my experiences during this terrible national tragedy.  I pray for peace, tolerance, acceptance and love in our world.  May the zealots and radical fringe of any group be beaten down by those who fight to make it so.

Blessings and don't forget to hug those in your life and voice your feelings of love.  One never knows if you will have another chance.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall-O the Dots Freebie Kit

As promised, I'm here today re-releasing an old kit entited, "Fall-O the Dots."  It's full of fall fun with leaves, acorns, pumpkins and more!  Of course, there are also dots to be had!  LOL  It's a former PTU kit that I'm now releasing as a freebie for your enjoyment. All of the leaves, flowers, and other graphics were created from my own photography.  I hope you enjoy it.

Here's the previews.  Please note that the circles on the paper preview, the first one, represent paper patterns and not elements.  There are 37 papers.  It's a little confusing but I was TOO lazy to make a new preview!!  LOL

Here are some layouts Patti from my Flight Crew made using this kit when it was first released:

And here are the links:

Zip 01
Zip 02
Zip 03

Thanks for stopping back and, as always, blessings to you and yours,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Catching up and an apology...

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to apologize to my faithful blog readers for not having a new personal kit for August.  I have not been feeling well and that old, mean son-of-a-gun...depression...has been hitting me hard in the last few weeks.  It's terribly difficult to be really creative when you are not at your best.  However, I am gradually working on the first installment of "Music of My Life," which is classically-themed, and hope to have it for you by the middle of September.

It's beginning to feel like fall here in NE Ohio, with cooler nights and no more temperatures in the 90's (thank goodness!).  So, I'm going to re-release a second older (and smaller) kit at the end of this week.  It's called Fall-O the Dots and, like Floral Beauty, is a former PTU kit that features my own photography.  Stop back and snag it!

I'm really looking forward to re-sharing my holiday-themed Victorian kits with all of my new blog readers in the coming months.  We're getting to that time of the year too fast, aren't we?  I have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas ones to share.  I'm always itchy to do another Christmas one as there are so many fantastic Victorian images to work with.  I already have two yearly ones, a Christmas Angel one, and my contribution from an old Christmas Around the World blog train, but I just may make another new kit this year!  I haven't made a New Year's kit either and I think I will tackle that also.

Well, as I said, I'm sorry there wasn't a new personal kit for August but I hope you'll forgive me and I promise to make it up to you in the months to come.  I appreciate all of you more than you could probably ever know.

Blessings and much love,

Do You Feel the Breeze?

Time for Bohemian Breeze to make it's debut.  That's the theme of this month's Pixel Scrapper Blog Train and I am very happy to release my portion.  As always, it's not little! LOL  However, it's not quite as big as some I've done because the complicated designs of many of the papers took me quite a while to do.  Boy, was it fun!  The ones created using vectors I have had for a long while were really interesting to do.  I have to say I think I created my favorite paper EVER using KimB's lovely lady overlay from her Vintage Overlays 1 pack.  That's how long I've been waiting for just the perfect kit to use it in...her #1 vintage overlay pack!!!  She's had MANY fabulous overlay packs since then. What would I ever do with out her CU products?  I've been using them since I first started designing way back when, and I'm a huge fan of her PU kits too.  Also, I had a great time brushing up (pun intended) on my brush skills to paint it just how I wanted it. Here's a large preview of the paper:

Here's all the other previews (click on them for a larger view):

My Flight Crew made some creative inspiration for you to see.  Patti used this kit, unexpectedly to me, for scrapping some old wedding pictures of old friends.  I'm surprised how well they fit!  Chitra did her usual creative layouts.

 ...and here is what you're looking for...the links!

TOU & Credits

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this kit.  I truly enjoyed making it and would love to see what you create with it.  Don't forget to stop by Pixel Scrapper and grab all the wondrous creations that was made for this blog train.  It's a GREAT one!

Blessings to you and yours,