"Wake every day with a WINGED HEART and give thanks for another day of LOVING." (Khalil Gibran)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Would you like to be on my Creative Team?

I would really like to add at least two people to my creative team. I'd like someone who can make quick pages, and others to do layouts. Both people would receive all my kits for free. Please apply before May 10th. Requirements would be as follows:

Quick Page Member: Minimum of two quick pages for each kit I create, more for larger kits. Quick pages would be offered on my blog as freebies with credit given to you, of course.

Layout Member: Two layouts for each kit I create. Upload the layouts to three galleries of your choice and your blog.

That's it! Since I'm not really a prolific designer, the time commitment would not be great. I would like to do some special projects with my Creative Team in the future, but they would be voluntary.

If you are interested, please email me at wingedheartohio@gmail.com. Please put "CT Call" in the subject line. Tell me a little about yourself, why you would like to join my team, and which position you are applying for. Also, please give me links to your current galleries and your blog if you have one.

I hope to hear from YOU!!


Fun Blog I Found

Hi everyone. Through Stone Accent Studios, I discovered a really fun and entertaining blog. It's called "Chronicles of Nani." Nani knows how to write a post with humor and makes them very interesting! I just spent quite a bit of time there. She also has freebies! Check her out...I know I'm very happy I did!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Congratulations to Patti!

My Creative Team member, Patti (Patti-Whack Scraps) is now a member of Fishinmom Designs Creative Team!!!! I'm so proud of my digital scrapping protege!!!! As some of you already know, Patti is the one who got me into paper scrapbooking and after I took the leap to digital, I taught her how to use Paint Shop Pro and got her into digital also! She's such a wonderful person and a fantastic, loyal, and loving friend! I couldn't be happier for her! Way to go, my friend!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Woo Hoo!

I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday! When I first got up, I checked my email and read all the greetings from the MANY sites I belong to...and even received some gifts of page kits! It was so cool! I also received some fun phone calls, emails and ecards from my family and friends. To my sister, Darlene, and one of my very "bestest" friends, Debra.....yeah, I know, I'm a year older than you now!! You just had to rub it in, didn't you!!! ROFLMBO Just remember it won't last long! Ha Ha Ha!

Then Patti took me to a Thai restaurant that I've been wanting to go to since it opened a little over a year ago. Oh my, oh my! It was absolutely wonderful. I had the golden bowl which comes in a clay pot over a burner and has shrimp, chicken, and scallops with veggies in just a fantastic sauce. Patti had duck with veggies and cashews. We both just loved our choices. Then there was the Thai iced tea that I really, really like. Of course since there is a lot of real cream in it it is definitely not diet! LOL I have had Thai food many times but this was a first for Patti. We had just the sweetest waitress and there were some really nice women at the table across from us celebrating one of their birthdays, too. We had a very nice conversation. The restaurant is well decorated and quite beautiful. From the outside it looks quite small but there are three rooms and a truly beautiful bar area with lots of dark wood. Here's a picture of me and Patti that our waitress took for us:

I couldn't resist this elephant! There were two; on either side of the door.

We took other pictures, but I'll share them when they are scrapped. Actually, I might just make a kit from the ones of the decor. We'll see! It's funny, everywhere I go I see scrapbooking possibilities!!

After lunch we went to Pat Catan's for scrapbooking goodies. I tried to make it through the scrapbooking department without having to sit down, but that didn't work. Boo Hoo. I had to sit a few times and felt pretty rough when we left. I get so frustrated. I really wish they had scooters like Walmart, Target and Joann Etc. does. My mind says "go" but my body says "whoa, there!" After that, we went to Patti's house and waited for her hubby and my friend, David, to come home from work so I could say, "Hi" to him, then she brought me home. On the way we stopped at the store so I could get milk and bread. Like a silly fool, I went in. By the time I got home, I was spent. It was a good thing my wheelchair was down in the lobby or I'm not sure I would have been able to get upstairs to my apartment. I was in a lot of pain and ended up spending the whole night playing on the computer because I couldn't get my body to relax enough to lay down.

When it got to be morning, God showed me this beautiful sunrise:

I took this picture off of my 5th floor balcony. It was so incredible. I sat and watched it for a while then, finally, went to bed at about 8 o'clock this morning.

Well, that was my birthday! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and I'll be back soon with a new freebie for you!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, not only am I regressing into childhood again, my memory is going also!!! LOL I forgot to thank all of you who left such nice comments at 4Shared about my Berlin Lake background papers! I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to let me know you aprpeciate and like them!!! Mwah!!!

Checking In & Layout Share

Hi everyone. Thought I would check in and let you know what I'm up to! LOL I'm starting work on a Victorian Mother's Day kit. It won't be as huge as the other holidays, but I think it's coming together pretty good! If I do say so myself (humbly, of course!!!)!! I've been creating layouts using Fishinmom's kits since I'm now on her Creative Team. Her latest kit in the store is "Lilac Papillon." It's so pretty and versatile. Here's a layout I made from it for Patti from my Creative Team. It's her and her Aunt Bessie. I just love the picture of Bessie laughing. I can almost hear her!!

Fishinmom also has a cool freebie kit on her blog right now called "I Wanna Be a Cowboy." Go fetch it!! LOL

It's a beautiful day here in NE Ohio today. Cool (54 degrees right now) but bright sun...good for the spirits.

Guess what?? My sister, Darlene, bought me a Webkinz for my birthday (it's Friday). Now, mind you, I'm going to be 56 years old, but I am thrilled with it!! ROFLMBO!!!! It's a really cute and soft Cocker Spaniel. I named her La-La after a Swahili nursery rhyme I learned when I was in a choir in Chicago. I went to the site and felt like a little kid again playing with the online version of La-La!! Oh my, I do believe I am regressing into childhood again!!!

Well, I'm going to let you go and get back to working on the Mother's Day kit. BTW, I'm also working on a running/jogging kit so Patti can scrap her husband's (David, who is also my friend) memorabilia from his runs. He finished a half-marathon not too long ago. I am in awe!!!! Of course, it will be here on my blog!

Blessings to you and yours, as always,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Background Paper Freebie

Good evening everyone...that is if it's evening where you are! LOL Last year Patti and I went on a scrapbook retreat and passed by Berlin Lake. It was a beautiful day so we stopped and took some photographs. I made these two backgrounds to use to scrap photographs of our trip. I thought I would share them with all of you. Here's the preview:

You can get them here.


Blessings, as always,

More Fishinmom Layouts!

Hi everyone. Here's some layouts using Fishinmom's Eggtastic Heritage Add-on Kit and her Dinosaur Stomp Kit.

The Easter picture is my great-nieces and great-nephews having an Easter egg hunt -- over 700 eggs for four kids! LOL They were plastic, of course!! In the eggs were slips of paper with different things on them like amounts of money, candy and my favorite which had "sorry about your luck" written on it! ROFLMBO The yard looked like an egg factory but there were some eggs that were really well hidden. Of course, these were the "better" eggs! I had a great time watching the kids run all over the place to find the eggs, then opening them all and collecting their goodies. Great fun! Here's that layout:

This layout is Taylor and Little Wes (another great-niece and great-nephew) at last year's Football Hall of Fame parade in Canton, Ohio (my hometown). The dinosaur balloon was huge and a little scary for the youngsters! Just look at those teeth!

And this is another of little Wes:

Oh, by the way, the Eggtastic Heritage Add-On is on sale right now for just 75 cents and the Dinosaur Stomp is on sale for $2.00. Run on over and grab them while they are on sale!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Layout Share for Fishinmom Designs

Hi again. Here's my first two layouts as a member of the Fishpond, Fishinmom's Creative Team. They were made with "Eggtastic" which is on sale now for just $2.00! It's a wonderfully bright and festive kit, and there are two great add-on's also that are available.

I spent Easter with my sister and brother-in-law (Darlene & Bob), nieces (Karyn & Kelly), great-nephews (Dominic & Skyler) and great-nieces (Desiree & Karli). It was a wonderful day filled with fun, good food and, best of all, lots of love! Here's the layouts:

Thanks for looking and remember to rush right over to Fishinmom's new store to see all her great kits!


Suffrage Layout Shares

Good evening all! Here are two wonderful layouts made by my Creative Team member, Patti. Great job, girl! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful layouts with all of us!

Thanks again, Patti!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Woman's Suffrage Kit Has Arrived with Freebie AO

Hi everyone. My latest kit for sale is now here. I made this kit to honor all those women worldwide who fought long and hard so that all women might have the right to vote. It is a little shy of 200 mb. I hope you will consider purchasing it at the very fair price of $4.50.

Here's the previews (you can click on them for a larger version):

I hope you like this kit! If you wish to purchase it, please send $4.50 to wingedheartohio@gmail.com via PayPal or by Revolution Money Exchange (see prior post). Download links will be sent to you via email when confirmation of payment is received. Please note that if you pay by eCheck, links will not be sent until I am informed that your check has cleared. Thanks!!!

Now, on to the freebie. "First Time Voter" is an Add-On I created to commemorate those who will vote for the first time this year. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the preview of the Add-On:

You can snag the Add-On here. The password is "vote."

As with all my creations, these kits are for your personal use only. Please do not share the links, rather send your friends to my blog to snag their own kit! Commercial use product credits are found in my TOU.

Thank you for all of your support and I'd love to hear from you!!!


Saturday, April 5, 2008


Good Saturday evening to everyone!

Well, I have a wonderful announcement to make. I am now officially on the Creative Team of Kimberly, aka Fishinmom Designs! I am so happy. Her's is the first CT team I felt compelled to apply for and I am really looking forward to participating. She used to have a store at DSO, but now she has her own store: Fishinmom Designs. Right now there is a huge GRAND OPENING SALE! Hurry on over and check out all of Fishinmom's wonderful designs. Also, check out her blog here.

I'm just about finished with my latest kit, "Women's Suffrage," and hope to have it up tomorrow.

See you soon,
Winged Heart

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introducing Patti Whack Scraps

Hi again! I keep forgetting to mention that my creative team member, Patti, now has her own blog site. It's called Patti Whack Scraps. She's got pictures of her layouts and much more!

Here's the header I created for her from pictures of her early spring crocuses and her garden angel:

Click HERE to go visit. If you do, please leave her a hug. This is the first time she's done anything like this so she needs some encouragement and a few pats on the back!!! It's been so cute watching how excited she is! Thanks!!

Patti, I really appreciate all your support and your friendship. It's been a thrill to watch you blossom just like your crocuses!!

As always, blessings,

Hi There and Many Thanks!

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments left here and on 4Shared regarding the Easter kit. I know everyone is busy but you wouldn't believe how motivated and encouraged I get from the simple "thank you's" left. It really makes me want to create and share more and more!

How's everyone doing? I've mostly had a good couple days. My niece, Denise, who is expecting, has agreed to allow me to throw her a baby shower in August and I'm really psyched! I can't wait to find out if she's having a little girl or a little boy. Of course, her little girl wants a baby sister and her little boy wants a baby brother!! LOL

Also, I found out that a group I paper scrap with is having a crop the end of April and I can't wait!! There's a bunch of my friends and family going, including my CT member, Patti, my stepsister, and three of my nieces! We should have a real blast. I don't know if I'll make it for all 12 hours, but I'm sure going to give it a go! Then, today, I found out that my 12 year old niece, Candy, brought home all A's and one B on her report card! Go girl! I'm really proud of you!! Here's a picture of her with my great-niece, Taylor. It was taken this past Christmas...in case you can't tell from the reindeer ears! LOL

I have another wonderful thing happening but I can't tell you all yet...the announcement will come soon! All I can say is that I'm going "fishing!" I know, tease...tease!!! LOL

I'm working on a kit that I absolutely love. It's a vintage kit inspired by the women's suffrage movement in several countries. So far, I've found images from England, the Netherlands, Australia and, of course, the US. While it is a theme kit, the papers, ribbons, etc. are suitable for many other uses. I'm also going to make sure there are a couple elements suitable to commemorate those who are voting for the first time this year. It's coming along nicely and I should have it up over the weekend if all goes well. It will be a kit for sale but there will be a freebie sampler.

The only thing that isn't so good is that I went to the doctor today and he feels it is time for my chest to be surgically repaired again; that we have reached the point where the benefits outway the risks. I'm pretty mortified at the thought of a 14th surgery, but I know I'll get through whatever comes with faith and the friendship, good thoughts, and prayers of those around me...including all of you!

Well, I don't have much else to say tonight (or should I say this morning!). I'll have that announcement for you soon and check back this weekend for the Women's Suffrage sampler freebie.

Blessings and prayers,

ps Don't forget that I'd love to see layouts you create with my kits!