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Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun Blog I Found

Hi everyone. Through Stone Accent Studios, I discovered a really fun and entertaining blog. It's called "Chronicles of Nani." Nani knows how to write a post with humor and makes them very interesting! I just spent quite a bit of time there. She also has freebies! Check her out...I know I'm very happy I did!

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Nani said...

Sally, thanks so much for the kind words and mention on your blog! I’m flattered! Especially because I find myself enjoying your blog and commenting as much as you did at The Chronicles! LOL

Don’t worry about the “stalker” thoughts! Many comments on a new blog you discover is just that second cup of cyber-coffee when you’re enjoying a long talk with a new friend!

I’ve already bookmarked and subscribed to new posts on this site!

Again, thanks and I’m looking forward to reading more!!