"Wake every day with a WINGED HEART and give thanks for another day of LOVING." (Khalil Gibran)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chelsea's Butterfly Kit is now in the store!

Here's the link for Chelsea's Butterfly Kit. It's now in the Moo Two store. Scroll down for previews of my contribution and on the right is a small slideshow showing everyone's previews. It is over 815 mb of goodies for just $10.00...and every penny goes to help Chelsea and her family.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Around the World Preview

Good Sunday to everyone! I finished my contribution to the Christmas Around the World freebie kit that will be available on December 10th. Here's my previews:

I can't wait to see what everyone else has made! Make sure you mark your calendars to come back on December 10th for the links to my downloads and the link to the website set up where you may get the contributions from everyone else. I should also have my Victorian Christmas freebie kit up then for those who didn't get it last year; as well as an add-on kit for sale.

Blessings as always,

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Freebie Quick Page & a Layout

Hi everyone. Hope you survived shopping!! The newest member of my Creative Team, Judy aka BabyDoe, has made a quick page using my Victorian Thanksgiving kit...and she's sharing it with all of you! Here's the preview:

You can get it here. The password is "thanks."

I spent Thanksgiving with my niece and her family. The kids were a riot! I think they'd eat anything if it had Cool Whip on it!! LOL Of course, I took pictures and I also made a layout using my kit. Here it is:

Check back tomorrow PM. I finished my contribution for the Christmas Around the World freebie kit and I'll post the previews. It won't be available until the 10th but you get a sneak peak of my part. Of course, I couldn't stop myself and made a complete kit -- a little over 100 mb! I think I have a disorder or something, maybe megaitis or something like that. Anyone heard of it???? ROFLMBO

Blessings, as always,
Winged Heart Ohio

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Victorian Thanksgiving...Finally!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am so very thankful for and appreciate all of you more than you could possibly know. You bless me every time you stop by and leave a hug or even just download something I've worked so hard to create. I may not be as proliferative as a lot of designers, but every pixel is made with love! You're the best!

I finally finished A Victorian Thanksgiving! I have a large (about 200 mb!) freebie kit for you, plus an add-on for sale. I hope you like them...I really think they are some of my best work, even if I say so myself! LOL When searching for the public domain images, I discovered that the people from the Victorian era sure had different sensibilites than we do now! So many of the images were of dead turkeys! Yuck. As much as I enjoy eating them, I sure don't want to see images of dead ones in my scrapbook!! LOL

Okay, enough with the chatter...down to business! Here's the freebie. It consists of 1 glass alpha complete with both upper and lower cases, numbers and punctuation; 2 chipboard alphas with upper and lower cases; 22 12x12" papers; 7 satin bows; 7 sets of four photo corners; 24 elements; 7 crochet flowers; 7 crochet ribbon frames; 7 crochet ribbons; 15 tags, some decorated and some plain; 7 tag hangers; and 4 word arts! Phew!!! Lots of goodies. Here's the previews (don't forget you may click on the pictures to get a larger view):

For those with dial-up connections, the links are here. The password is "gobble."

For those with high speed connections, the links are here.

I hope you enjoy! I would love to see what you do with them.

Now, here's the add-on that is for sale. It consists of 10 additional papers, 7 framed and decorated elements, 20 stamps, 2 word arts, and 3 upper case fancy alphas. It's about 80 mb. and costs just $3.00! I respectfully ask you to consider purchasing it. With the monies from the Fall-O the Dots kit, I was able to purchase some of the commercial use products that allowed me to make the Victorian Thanksgiving kits a little nicer; for example, the "crochet" items. The more I can purchase, the better your freebies will be!!!

Here's the previews:

You may purchase it by sending $3 to my PayPal address: wingedheartohio@gmail.com. Upon confirmation of payment from PayPal, I will send you the download links within 24-48 hours. Please remember if you pay through PayPal with an e-check, links will not be sent until payment has cleared. Also, please note in the comments section of the PayPal form which links you would like -- for high speed or dial-up. If not indicated, I will send the high speed links. If you would like to pay with a money order or well-concealed cash (at your risk), please email me and I will send you the address to send payment to.

I hope all of you have had a day full of blessings, time shared with friends and family, and, of course, full bellies!!! LOL

Blessings to each and every one of you,
Winged Heart

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Around the World

My, oh my, are you in for a treat!!!

Kimberly, aka Fishinmom, first decided she was going to do a huge Christmas freebie as a gift for her fans. Then she had a light bulb moment and decided to ask some of her designer friends to participate in making a freebie kit for everyone. THEN, after she had such a wonderful response, she decided to open it up for all designers -- newbie and experienced alike. Well, the result is that over 60 (yep, that's S I X T Y!!!) designers are participating to create the granddaddy of all freebie kits. Of course, I couldn't resist joining in!!!

Can you just imagine how wonderful this is going to be -- designers from all over the globe getting together to give such a fantastic Christmas gift to anyone and everyone who wants it? Each designer will post their contribution on their blog and/or web site, but a special web page is being created to host all the links in one place. The web site will go live on December 10th so limber up those wrists and get a really soft cushion to sit on because you will have lots of downloading to do!!! LOL This is going to be a monumentous freebie kit!!!

Thanks, Kimberly, for starting this wonderful undertaking. I'm proud to say I will be a part of it. It is so heart-warming to me to see all these different women from all parts of the world get together for such a project. Now, if we could get all the world leaders to get together to work on world peace in such a kind and giving manner, maybe the world would be a better place for all of us to live in!!! But, that's a different story..... LOL

Many blessings to all of you!!


Message to Baby Doe

Hi BabyDoe! First of all, let me thank you for the lovely comment you left on my last post regarding my Victorian Christmas Freebie Kit. It cheered me up on a day when I really needed the encouragement. I appreciate your loyalty and confidence in me more than words in a blog post could ever convey.

Would you please email me at wingedheartohio@gmail.com? I have a question for you.

Winged Heart

Friday, November 16, 2007

Problems with 4Shared

Happy Friday to everyone! I have been receiving emails regarding problems downloading the Fall-O the Dots sampler kit from 4Shared. I'm not sure what the deal is as it seems some of you are able to download it without problems, but I have uploaded the sampler to Mediafire for those who couldn't get it from 4Shared.

Mediafire link

My Victorian Thanksgiving kit is coming along quite nicely (even if I say so myself!!! LOL). Hopefully, I'll have it ready for you in the next few days. For those who didn't get the Victorian Christmas kit last year, I will be re-releasing it in a couple weeks. I'm also going to create an add-on kit that will be for sale, but stay tuned to find out how you could win it!!

Have a good weekend and play safe!

Winged Heart

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chelsea's Butterfly

As I announced a little while ago, I'm contributing to a kit to benefit Chelsea and her family. Chelsea has Down Syndrome and leukemia. The kit is being coordinated at Moo Two Designs. You just won't believe the fantastic contributions that are being made for this kit. They really put mine to shame but I made every pixel with love! It is going to be a truly huge kit and will be available before the end of the month. I'll post here when it is up for sale and I think you'll definitely want to check it out! Here's the previews of my contribution:

As always, you can click on the pictures to see larger views. I'm not sure how well it will show up here, but I love the canvas texture of the "plain" papers. It's a Super Blade Pro preset and is the most realistic canvas textures I've come across. Since I made this kit, a light blue color has been added to the color scheme so it won't be just a "girly" kit.

It's a great cause and I'm just honored to be included!

Winged Heart

Victorian Thanksgiving Teaser

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!! Here's a little teaser for the upcoming Victorian Thanksgiving kit that I'm busy working on:

Firstly, here are the colors:

This is one of the papers:

And here's one of the elements:

Hope that you will enjoy this kit as much as I am enjoying working on it. Check back toward the end of next week, I hope to have it done by then!

Many blessings to all of you!

Fall-O the Dots Link Question & Thank Yous

Hi everyone. I want to thank all of who left such sweet comments here and at 4Shared about Fall-O the Dots. And, also, special thanks to those of you who purchased the full kit. Your support means the world to me. Because of it, I was able to purchase a couple new commercial use items including some great overlays -- two of which I'm using in the upcoming Victorian Thanksgiving kit!

I received a comment regarding the link for the Fall-O the Dots sampler. It was left by "anonymous" so I couldn't respond personally. It appears to be working fine...I had a friend check it out as well and both of us were able to download it with the password of "dotty." If you still are having problems, please let me know and I will try to send it to you another way!

As always, I'm sending hugs and good thoughts to all of you!

Winged Heart