"Wake every day with a WINGED HEART and give thanks for another day of LOVING." (Khalil Gibran)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh, my!! Five and a half years.....

It's so hard to believe, but it's been that long since I've posted to my blog. In fact, it's been that long since I've created anything. I haven't scrapped at all for several years, either. I won't bore you all with the gory details, but my health continued to deteriorate until I found myself living in a nursing home until last January when I moved to the assisted living side of the same facility. Just like before, depression had it's stronghold on me and it has taken all this time until I truly feel like I have my creative mojo back. I'm sure not very many of you will even know I'm back for a while, but since I've been spending hours snagging free CU stuff to design with, and leaving comments with my website address, I thought I should at least put a current post on the site. It would be a little embarrassing to have someone stop by only to see the last post was five and a half years ago. YIKES! I have started working on a kit to share as a way of celebrating my re-arrival, and just made and posted the new header that you see at the top of the blog. I'm sure I'll still be heavily influenced by the Victorian era, but I do want to spread my wings a little and create some other style kits. Bear with me while I clean up my blog: checking links, changing blinkies, etc. I have to re-upload all my kits as my 4shared account was closed for non-use. I have a wireless connection now that is provided by the nursing home (yea for free!!) but it is a little slow. It will all come together soon. Blessings to you and yours, as always, Sally WingedHeartOhio