"Wake every day with a WINGED HEART and give thanks for another day of LOVING." (Khalil Gibran)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

CT Announcement & Update

Hi everyone. First, let me say a huge "THANK YOU" to all of you who sent me e-cards, emails and left comments. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to let me know you care! Mwah! I'm doing better...not wonderful but better!

I'm finishing up the Mother's Day kit and am going to release it even if it is rather late. I guess it's better late than never. It's definitely not as large as the rest of my kits, nor as large as I wanted it to be, but I think it will be useful anyway. Check back tomorrow, it should be finished and posted.

Now, on to the announcement! Joining Patti on my Creative Team, please welcome LYNN and DAWN! I am so excited that both of them have accepted positions on the Flight Crew! I just know that there are wonderful things to come!! And...drum roll...here they are:


Please welcome Lynn! Here is her introduction:

"I am a stay-at-home mom/wife/stepmom. I homeschool my two sons. I have a bachelor's degree in Education, with a specialization in Reading and a minor in Fine Art. I have several different creative outlets, including writing, soaping, doll-making, gardening, and scrapping (of course!). I have been digi-scrapping for almost a year now. I would describe my style as eclectic. I love all things vintage & grungy. Yet, I'm drawn to other styles as well. I like the challenge of using a style that might, at first, seem outside of my comfort zone."

Check out her blog here, and here is her layout using my Suffrage Kit:


Please welcome Dawn! Here is her introduction:

"Hi, I'm Dawn! I live in a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, and just turned 30 on May 7th. Other than digi scrapping, I co-run a gaming league on pogo.com. When I am not on the computer, I am at church. I am extremely involved at my home church doing all the media-related stuff. I volunteer at the church office twice a week, helping out wherever needed. One thing that perhaps makes me unique in regard to digital scrapbooking is that I am legally blind. Because of that, I am on disability and unable to work (that goes along with a wide gamut of other health problems). I feel that being visually impaired should not necessarily have to limit what I am able to do. Sure, it may take a little longer than usual to complete a layout, but I feel that the end result is comparable to other layouts that are out there. Now granted - I am rather new to the world of scrapbooking digitally, but I think I am getting the hang of it. I learn very fast, and love a challenge. I am so thrilled that Sally has decided to take a chance on this newbie, and I hope to get to know all of you better in the months to come!!!"

Check out her blog here, and here is her layout using my Eileen B. kit:

I also asked Patti to create an introduction layout since many of you weren't around when she was officially introduced. So, here she is:


Patti's been with me from the beginning and, not only is she a great source of inspiration, my biggest cheerleader, and the best of friends, she is the kindest and sweetest person you could ever hope to meet! Here is her introduction:

Hello, my name is Patti and I live in N.E. Ohio. I am a stay at home wife, between us we have five children that are now adults and six grandchildren, five girls and one boy. I am a sinner saved by grace and am living by His grace every moment of my life. My purpose in life is to glorify God in all that I do. Half of my working years I worked as a professional Floral Designer and when I retired I ask God to give me another creative passion where I could express my love of designing and two years later I was passionately designing paper and digital scrapbook layouts. After I met Sally, I got her hooked on paper scrapping and she later discovered the digital scrapbook community and got me hooked on digital scrapping. My life evolves around God, family then Scrapbooking! Well thats my life and I am sticking to it!

Check out her blog here, and here is her layout using my Eileen B. Kit:


There you go! Thanks to everyone who applied and, who knows, I may be adding additional members in the future. Until that time, I am so happy to have Patti, Dawn, and Lynn on my FLIGHT CREW!!!

Blessings to all of you,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Checking in, an Apology, and a Prayer Request

Hi everyone. So sorry it's been so long since I've written. I'm really struggling with my health issues. I have been trying a new medication regimen that the doctor gave me to control the pain I have from my back and my messed up chest. To be honest, I'd really rather just try to tough it out, but the level of pain I have been having has started affecting my blood sugar and my blood pressure. I have to confess that I didn't believe the doctor was right when he said how much harm it was causing me but I now know he was correct. I started taking the additional dosages of the narcotic medications I take regularly, and my blood sugar lowered as the pain level became more manageable. The problem with this is that I feel like a zombie all the time. Yes, I'm in less pain, but what good is that if I can't function? Some of the pain is coming from my ventral hernia and I know it needs operated on, the doctor told me this, but I can't even begin to tell you how I feel about having a fourteenth surgery! The additional narcotics are also messing up my stomach and aggravating my colon issues. I am SOOOOOO darned uncomfortable!

I'm having such a hard time emotionally dealing with this, as well as wrapping my head around what this means for my future. With all this confusion and depression, my creative mojo has gone out the window! I feel so guilty that I haven't finished the Mother's Day kit I was working on. Mother's Day is very hard for me anyway. Most of you already know my Dear Mother has been gone for more than ten years, and my stepmother just past away this year. What I wouldn't give to have my Mom to talk to about what is happening to me. I feel that I have already lost so much of my life, but that I've been able to hold on to some of what makes "me" me. A big part of that is my creativity. I HATE it when I don't have the creative juices flowing in me!

Please forgive me if it sounds like I'm whining. I'm really rather distraught and even little things have become hard for me to handle these days. I know that with God's help and with all of your support, I'll get back on track but please, PLEASE, keep me in your prayers.

I promise I'll be back with some freebies soon, as well as a wonderful announcement about my new Creative Team members! I'm just waiting for confirmation that they accept the positions and I will introduce you to them. Thanks to everyone who applied; I'm touched you feel my work is good enough. I may be adding more team members in the future, but for right now, I have chosen two wonderful women to join Patti.

Again, I'm sorry I haven't had any freebies for you lately and I ask for your prayers and good thoughts. Geesh, I really could use a hug right now!!!

Blessings to you all,

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Commercial Use Freebie Overlay

I have decided to share the overlay I made from the wallpaper for all of you to use, and as my very first commercial use freebie. I only ask that if you use it for commercial purposes, you give me credit as Winged Heart Ohio. Enjoy!

You can snag it here.

Happy Scrapping!

Freebie Paper Pack

My sister, Darlene, is remodeling her house and, as I have always loved her dining room wallpaper, she gave me a piece to make a background paper out of! You get to share in this as I made a baker's dozen paper pack consisting of thirteen 12" x 12", 300 dpi backgrounds in a variety of colors.

Here are the previews:

You can snag these here!

Hope you enjoy!

Blessings, as always, to you and yours,

p.s. Don't forget to apply soon if you are interested in joining my Creative Team!

Introducing La-La

Okay...this is really for my sister, Darlene, who bought me my Webkinz Puppy and "complained" that I didn't have a picture of my doggy on my website yet! ROFLMBO So, without further ado, here is La-La!

There 'ya go, Dar! Now my La-La is famous!!! I named her after a Swahili nursery rhyme I learned when in a choir while living in Chicago. La la mtoto la la!

Love 'ya,

New Fishinmom Layouts

3/13/15 UPDATE:  If anyone is seeing this, I am so sad to report that my sister, Susan (on the left) passed away in January of 2014 from breast cancer.  She had never had a mammogram and never took care of herself.  The radiation and chemo destroyed her heart.  She was so tiny, only 4' 6 1/2" tall.  It's still so hard to think of her as passed away.  She had five kids and 7 grandchildren, most very young.  There's another one on the way now and her daughter is having a hard time being pregnant with a child her mother will never know.  

Hi everyone. Hope all of you are doing great! I'm okay but still sore after having a nasty fall last Saturday. Can't seem to stay on my feet these days! Boo Hoo! LOL

Here's two new layouts I made with Fishinmom's Seabreeze Cottage kit which is available in her store. The first is me (in the middle) with my sisters Darlene and Susan. The second is my niece, Leilani, quite some time ago. She is growing up so very fast! Hope you see this, my Sweet Leilani! I miss you and love you lots!

I really like that her kits are so versatile. You can get so many "looks" from just one kit! Go check her out!