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Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Christmas Surprise - Please Read!

I belong to a Yahoo freebie group (not scrapbooking) called FreeBeesForMe. It's a great place to get freebies and samples -- no crap or have to do this or that offer to get something. Just links to real freebies and samples. Not long ago, the group owner, Melissa, started an offshoot group for FreeBeesForMe members called FreeBeesCafe so that we could chat and get to know each other better. It has just blossomed into the most wonderful place with even more wonderful people. We have had a lot of adoptions for Christmas and there is always someone who will offer a kind word of support or lift someone up in prayer. Melissa works really hard and there are always contests to win gift cards and other prizes.

There are a number of us members in NE Ohio, in fact there are several of us within an hour of each other. Well, today my door buzzer rang and on the intercom I hear one of the members, Leann, saying that she was here and had something for me. Now, mind you, I've never met her before. Her and her hubby brought me a huge bag full of presents. Everything from a scrapbooking book and paper, to a really cute snowman, candy, pens, address book, Christmas magnets, candles, stickers, and just so MUCH more! My did I have a hard time keeping myself together. I was so surprised -- no, SHOCKED -- that someone I didn't even know would do something so kind for me. She knew I did scrapbooking because I created layouts for three people as a prize for one of our daily contests. I'm just so very grateful, not just for the gifts but for their kindness and new-found friendship. God is good!

You know, I've always helped everyone I could and used to do a lot of charity work when I was able-bodied. It gave me so much pleasure to do so but I'm not sure I truly understood just what it meant to the recipients until I became disabled and could not work. Times are hard, my health struggles many, and I often become discouraged when the world seems full of rude, thoughtless and intolerant people. Today, Leann and Dave not only lifted my spirits considerably, but they also restored my faith in this world we all share.

If you do sampling and freebies yourself, why not check out FreeBeesForMe? Tell them I sent you. My screen name is "freebies4forme" but they know my real name also. You won't be sorry, I promise you.

I hope you all have many blessings this Christmas.



tajicat said...

I am so happy for you! What a wonderful surprise! You are being repaid for your wonderful sharing, just in scrapping! You are so kind to share your talent and give us freebies! I hope they will continue to be friends, one can never have too many! :)

Lily said...

Hi Sally, I read your comment and I just had to talk to you. First, I am so happy you have friends who would do this for you. I have a friend named Debbie who has done similar things for me so I know how incredibly uplifting it is! I am also sorry for you and all the people that don't say anything let alone a TY! When I found this 'freebie' place a few months back, I was shocked at that very same thing! No matter where I went it was the same thing and NO ONE was saying anything!!! I got SO upset when I would see someone be first to comment and jump for joy and never berate all the selfish ones that had come and WOULD come, and lose the opportunity to awaken some hearts (I AM grateful that they at least said thank you!)! People usually read the first one. Well, I started leaving all kinds of comments all over, and I was also upset about the name freebie and would call them gifts. I don't know if it's me, but since I see lots of the same names, I think some have woke up because now I have seen others berating the greedy, and also calling them by their true names - 'gifts'!! Whether it's a coincidence or not doesn't matter, I am so happy, at least some people are starting to care! I am also grateful for the others that say thank you, I love their tender hearts! I also try to open the kits before I comment so I can let the person know about something they made that touched me so they know it's coming from deep gratitude, because it is! (this time limit rush with the CATW downloads crushed some of it for me in the panic to get the kit, so I can only imagine what it did to everyone else!!! )

Now, I also understand more than just that. I too was always busy, busy, busy, burned the candle at both ends and that is NOT exaggerating! Well, things have been going from bad to worse starting with a fall on the ice at the mall - damaged my spine and no surgery can fix it, but the neurosurgeon was wondering why I wasn't suing the mall - it's not my nature and I also didn't know that it would progressive get worse where I would also be unable to walk/work - she didn't tell me - to finally waking up to RSD Easter Sunday morning this year, and everything in between (in hospital year ago with pnuemonia/bronchitis/tracheaitis, to torn tendons in my shoulders which now cannot be fixed due to the RSD....) so now I'm even down to homecare and in a wheelchair and I am still young. So, I know what you are feeling and I am sorry for you. I hope it's OK if I put you on my prayer list because God DOES answer prayers, I'm a living breathing bundle of proof!!!! Thank you for sharing your situation, you lifted me up!

I love the Victorian photo frames you made as I'm nuts about that look, and I just want you to know that there are those of us that LOVE what you have done for us! I, for one, wish I could really express how grateful I am for these gifts because they make my days (being dependent on others to leave the house now, and everything else I took for granted like having two good feet to walk on!). You and others have given me great joy, and it doesn't have to be a big kit, but one beautifully made item is so treasured by me and you all need to know that! I know I'm not alone! God bless you for taking your time to make something for me, someone you don't know at all - you have done for me what your friends just did for you, and you didn't even know it! Your message shared volumes with me and touched my heart, thank you for EVERYTHING! You are a jewel in God's eyes and He loves you so much! I have prayed that God will give you the blessings you have wished on the rest of us - and He WILL! Merry Christmas, beautiful Sally! HUGS!!!! Lily, in Alberta, Canada