"Wake every day with a WINGED HEART and give thanks for another day of LOVING." (Khalil Gibran)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thanks, a request, and I'm going to a concert...OH, MY!!

Hey there, everyone.  Just wanted to catch up and make a request of all you wonderful people.  First, thanks to everyone for the thanks on my latest kit!  Maggie, I'm really happy to know it brought back pleasant memories for you!  Holly , thanks for taking time to stop by and leave a comment.  Regarding those "actual instruments" you mentioned, I had almost an impossible task trying to find images of real instruments (not clip art) to use for "The Music of My Life" kit that were okay to use.  If any of you have an instrument around your household, I'd really appreciate it if you would consider taking a photograph of it against a solid background (like a wall or rug), sending it to me, and allowing me to use it for subsequent update kits.  I would be so very grateful and you'd then be able to scrap an actual page with your's or your kid's actual instrument!

I've decided to start, once again, selling a kit here or there to help with the financial end of acquiring images, programs, etc.  As most of you know, I'm on disability and Social Security only goes so far.  I've also decided the first kit I sell will be heritage and genealogy themed, as this has been requested a number of times.  Hopefully, this will happen in January or February.  Also, I had a request in the comments for the music kit to do a friendship theme and I think that would be a fantastic idea.  Not sure if it will be a freebie or a paid kit.  Thanks, JASPER1, not just for your suggestion, but for always leaving me a sweet comment.  Don't worry everyone, even if I do PTU kits, I'll never stop making FTU kits for all of you!  It gives me great pleasure.

Speaking of finances, I giving myself a Christmas gift this year!  On the 7th of December I'm going to a Cleveland radio station's holiday concert with my fave, the uber-talented Adam Lambert (and also Echosmith of "Cool Kids" fame).  My stented and bypassed, little heart is bursting with joy and anticipation.  I saw him back in 2011 right before I ended up in the nursing home.  It is a highlight of my concert-going past, and I've been to everything from high opera to heavy metal!  So few artists are as good in person as they are recorded...and Adam is even BETTER!  I've been a Glambert since the American Idol days back in 2009...in fact I'm officially Glambert #3945 so you know I was an early fan! LOL  It's a perfect logistical situation for me.  In December, as in 2009, he's performing at Playhouse Square.  The Greyhound bus station is only two blocks away and the hotel is right on the Square.  Makes wheelchair travel as easy as it could ever be!  Yippee! Well, I've gushed enough but I could go on and on!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week.  I'm off now to try and put together something small for Pixel Scrapper's November blog train.  Yikes...I only have three or four days!



Deb Burroughs said...

Sounds like a dream come true for you - have a blast at the concert!

Nani said...

The Christmas gift to yourself sound fantastic! It makes me champ at the bit to travel again. (I need a new seat for my wheelchair that has been in red-tape hell for the last 6 months and I've been pretty much a shut-in!)

I agree with you about the difference between live and studio for most performers. I find symphony and jazz transfer pretty well, but add voices and the quality is challenged! I remember that Journey and Toad The Wet Sprocket were the only pop/rock groups I'd ever seen that sounded just as good live. Now I want to see some Adam Lambert live video. :) I'd love to see Echosmith too! They have a couple of songs other than Cool Kids that I really like.

Have a fabulous time at the concert!