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Saturday, June 6, 2015

HUGE whoops...

Oh my, I am so red-faced and horrified!  

Elements 1 thru 14 were missing from the elements01 zip file of "To Be or Not to Be!"  It has now been corrected but if you downloaded my kit before June 6th, you will have to re-download Elements01. 

Huge thanks to Jan at Pixel Scrapper for letting me know.



Patti said...

Just proves we all make mistakes, even the best of us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sweet, Sweet Sally!!! I CANNOT believe that you could POSSIBLY be red-faced OR embarrassed!!! SERIOUSLY, with the quality AND quantity of AMAZING gifts you have given from your heart, there is NOTHING to be ashamed of in my opinion!!! It was so distressing to see that you were upset even for a second after your generosity! Please please please, do not even think of it again. Know that your creations are appreciated and admired by so many. Also, know that gifts are NEVER to be expected... so anyone who demands that isn't worth your precious time. You are an amazing person that I am truly lucky to have found in this big old world! Hugs aplenty from this little old scrapnewbie... Also, there are a TON of prayers and good vibes coming your way from me and mine for your well-being, sweetie! Hope all is well with your health-scare. Smoochies from Julia