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Monday, June 8, 2015

Layout Shares!

Good Monday evening!  I actually made a couple layouts in the middle of the night last night!  I'm still not feeling or sleeping very good, so I was up all night and slept all day...LOL.  Of course, this isn't that unusual for me!  Thought I'd share the layouts with all of you to prove that I actually DO scrapbook and not just design!!!

The first is of my youngest great-nephew, Frankie.  He's such a doll.  The pictures are from a couple months ago.  He has a very full head of hair and big and bright blue eyes.  I used designs from Pixel Scrapper's "Oh, Baby Baby" mega collab bundle.  The background, hanging monkey, sock monkey I put on the frame, and the frame itself (re-colored) are from Sheila Reid; the alpha and buttons are from Melo Vrijhof; and the pin and monkey cluster is from Elif Sahin.  Here it is:

Next, I did a layout using my own "Eileen B." kit with pictures of the one and only, original Eileen B.  You may download the freebie kit if you scroll down a couple posts.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my world...and don't forget you may click on the images for a better view.


1 comment:

Patti said...

Your Eileen LO is beautiful! The monkey LO with Frankie is perfect I really like it. Congrats good work.