"Wake every day with a WINGED HEART and give thanks for another day of LOVING." (Khalil Gibran)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just a note...

Hi everyone. Thanks for your emails and comments. I'm sorry to worry any of you with my absence. Gals, the truth is that I'm really struggling to get from one day to the next and I feel guilty if I post here when I don't have a freebie for you. My health issues are really getting me down. If I take enough pain meds so that I'm not in excruciating pain, I find that my creativity really suffers. It's hard to concentrate. Each day my depression seems to get a stronger hold on me but I am really trying to keep my head above water. Please, keep me in your prayers and I hope to be back soon with a little something for you all.



Lucy said...

Sally, your health is whats most important. I'm sure we don't only stop in to grab freebies, but to see how you are doing.

You are in my prayers as well as two other ladies whom stopped blogging recently.

Take care and don't worry about us out here a little hi from you is all I wish to see.

Judy said...

Sally, please don't ever think we stop by to just get a freebie....we love to read anything that you have written, even just to say hi will do.
Sorry to read your health issues have raised their ugly head again but I wish you well and you are in my prayers.
Best wishes hugs Judy

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Sally I figured when I didn't hear from you with Father's Day kit that you were really sick!!!!!
I'm keeping you in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please remember that WE LOVE YOU & are hear to listen when you need someone to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Allport said...

Just popped in to see how you are.

So sorry things are not good with you at the moment.

Take care of yourself.

Lots of luv and {{{hugs}}}


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Sally I am so sorry to hear you have not been feeling so good.Don't worry about the freebies, I am sure everyone is happy to visit just to talk and findout how you are doing.
Take care and I will remember you in my prayers.