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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a Quick Update

Sorry I've been MIA but I'm trying to get everything back in order. My friend, Pat, has been helping me restore my stash but I'm still on quite a bummer. Oh, well...life goes on. I'm hoping to have a freebie for you over the weekend just so you didn't think I've forgotten about all of you! NOT A CHANCE!! LOL Just be patient with me, pretty please!!

Thanks to JennyMary and to Kim for their sympathy!!

On the health front, I'm pretty sick but go to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll figure out just what's going on. I haven't heard from the surgeon at Cleveland Clinic yet as to what he and his colleagues are going to recommend for my chest. I'm in tons of pain, but managing to keep holding on. I did get the results of my mammogram and, thank Heaven, it was normal so they are assuming the increased uptake on prior films was from the previous chest surgeries. Hooray!! One less thing to worry about.

Well, it's getting ready to storm big time so I'm going to shut down the computer for now. Hope all of you are well!


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jennymary said...

Thanks for checking in Sally. I have been wondering how you were coping. Good news about your mammogram. Just nice that one thing went right for you!! Anyway, all the best. Hugs