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Monday, August 6, 2007

Boy am I BUMMED!

I could just SCREAM!!! If you hear any loud & strange noises, it will be me!!! My external hard drive is GONE...I mean G-O-N-E, caput, DEAD! I just lost almost 300 MB of scrapbooking and graphic stuff! I am just horrified!!! I dropped my hard drive and there you have it. Everything gone. I called around everywhere about data recovery and the cheapest estimate I could find was between $350 and $900. Yeah, right. Boo hoo, yada yada yada.

On a much brighter note, my sister, Carol, and niece, Leilani, are visiting from Montana. Lei is ten. They have been staying with another niece but came yesterday to stay a few days with me before they go home on Wednesday. They brought my little four-year-old great-niece, Alyssa, with them last night and us girls had us a pajama party!! It was so much fun. First we went to McDonald's and then to Walmart where the girls each picked out a little present. Lei picked out the neatest Bratz doll that is a soccer player. Alyssa picked out this pet shop play set that is just the cutest. It was only $6 bucks but she just loves it. There is a little dog and cat (plastic), a shop front, and lots of accessories. She just loves the little bathtub that comes with it to give them baths. All we heard all evening was her high pitched little voice saying, "look at that!" She had to make sure the animals were all cleaned up before putting them to bed! They're about an inch big. LOL We had popcorn and chips, watched Barney and Care Bears, then we had to make the girls go to bed. Alyssa sure is going to miss her auntie Lei-Lei when they go back to Montana. They play so well together. Lei brought one of her American Girls dolls with her but her Mommy was the one to put it to bed. I think she really buys them for HERSELF to play with!! Today we are going to pick up Alyssa's mommy and then go to a Chinese buffet. Yummy. At least the girls are cheering me up after my hard drive disaster.

Well, on the health front, I don't know anything new yet. I had a mammogram last Thursday after the films on the stress test (when I was in the hospital) showed some increased uptake in the left breast. I'm really holding on to the hope that it will just be artifact on the films from the chest reconstruction I had a year ago. Having had kidney cancer the beginning of this year, plus cancerous polyps in my colon in the past, makes me nervous though. I haven't heard the results. My specialist at the Cleveland Clinic wants to wait to see the results before deciding what is going to happen with my chest. He mentioned that they probably will have to completely remove the sternum which causes all sorts of issues. I'm in a lot of pain, but, like always, and dealing with it the best I can. Please keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!! The knowledge that there are people praying for me helps me so very much. I can't get my head around a 14th surgery but with God's help, I'll get through it.

Well...that's it for now. It's after 4 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't sleep, but I better get back to bed. A 10-year-old and a 4-year-old really strains this 55-year-old body of mine. The mind's already gone!!!

Oh, I almost forgot one most important thing. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has left such wonderful comments here and on 4-Shared. I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to leave me a little love! Mwah!!!



jennymary said...

Oh Sally, What a Bummer! I only have other people's hard work on my external hard drive (all my photosETC. are backed up on CDs)but I would be devastated to lose it all! So I can imagine how you feel.
Kids are always the best thing to raise your spirits though. Glad you are getting some joy!!
Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kim Broedelet said...

Oh hells Bells- I would FREAK!!! LOL- honestly- I would throw a "wobbly". hahaha. Glad the kids are there to cheer you up! Was popping in to see how you were doing. Sending you hugs!
Love Kim

DJ said...

A friend of mine did the same thing and I sent her a recovery program download and though it took several weeks, she recovered alot of her files. Hugs, Dj

patty said...

This is just real sad...I would just be so very upset. I think I best get busy with some backup disks asap.
I'm not so sure that I trust my ex. WD that well. Sometimes it clicks on/off quite frequently.
I so feel for you-have lost a lot before-years ago & thought I was going to cry too...but now I laugh...because it was mostly junk compared to scrap-i best get busy.