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Friday, September 14, 2007

Checking In!

First of all, have you checked out Stone Accent Studio yet! The store is now officially open and there are tons of freebies in the current newsletter. Check out the forums to get a copy. There's so much stuff going on, including a scavenger hunt, that I'm sure you'll find plenty to keep you occupied for quite some time!!!

I'm doing pretty good, though no better physically. I've watched my great-niece, Alyssa, a couple times lately and we've just had the best times. Last week she spent an afternoon and evening with me and we did crafts (foam door hangers) and made chocolate chip cookies. She just loves to do "craps" and I'm sure she'll follow in her old Aunt Sa-Sa's foot steps with scrapbooking one day!! Then again, her Grandma Pat scraps, too, so I can't take all the credit (or blame depending on how you look at it!). She's four years old and such a charmer. There are times when she doesn't want her picture taken but that evening, she was gung ho! She would say, "I'm going to be mad (or happy, or silly) now so you can take my picture." Then she wanted her picture taken with P.B. Bear who was playing on TV at the time! She wore me out physically but, oh!, what she did for my psyche!! I tell you, she and my other great-nieces and great-nephews are what keeps me going. I so want to see them grow up!

I still have no news from the doctor. I'm calling them at least once a week but I'm getting truly frustrated. Whatever they are going to do, I want it done and over with! As always, keep me in your prayers.

Check back over the weekend...I'm almost finished with the Victorian Halloween kit! Then I hope to get a Victorian Thanksgiving one finished in the new few weeks. In the mean time, take care and blessings to all of you.


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jennymary said...

Hi Sally. What a little cutie.